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2 years ago

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PART 2 This is the continuing story of the initiation of Tom and Jaci in a world unknown to date, we will wait and see. apetube The first story describes Tom Jaci first sexual adventure, the encounter with a stranger named Carl in a hotel and back to his room. Now read on.. was carried home in silence. Tom was in his thoughts in turmoil. Jaci was asleep in the passenger seat and was sure that when he awoke, he was furious with him for apetube his application through this test. How annoying would that be? If he had put his marriage in jeopardy? Oh God, why he had his dick rule your brain did, why? Jaci looked at his lifeless body in his sleep. Her dress was stained, Tell Tale Signs everywhere head apetube back and showing his neck and opened her legs and Jesus, which was fantastic, was fantastic. Carl saw her give was still hot, he had imagined all the times I had fantasized about him. Indeed, it seemed that I was enjoying. but thenYou never know with women. And, oh God, what apetube do they say of him sucking cock of another man, who had almost apetube forgotten about it, certainly would respect that had been for him to lose. But then he had found it strangely exciting. All I had seen dirty pictures on the Internet, women had to suck cocks, etc, it really felt like it was apetube reality and he felt he had to admit fresh. Oh God, what was thought Jaci ? He spent the rest of the trip as an alternative concern that ruined his marriage and the other playing the sex that had just apetube painted, and his wife, naked, what is your body fucked up and running. Jaci awoke, while maneuvering in the drive and got into the house and up apetube the stairs in silence. Tom went into the bathroom and put into operation Jaci bath, hoping that the ice had broken telling a time limit. He entered the bedroom and she was over. He had removed apetube his shoes and put on her dress with her arms on the SHOuld. She looked at him, raised his arm and her dress fell down. She was naked when he left his underwear in the apetube hotel room. Tom looked at his body ' Tom, " she breathed," Fuck me again. " ripped off her clothes and held her, feeling her breasts break ties in the chest, abdomen and groin against her in hers. Usually twice a day, pushed a little to the two, but he was rock hard. " Do you like me picked up by another man ? " He asked, was not sure, not quite, but then I said: " It looked like you did ? ": ". Tom did so much to me, please tell me it's okay " And then I knew. " Oh God, Jaci, I was not sure if they were happy, he said. grabbed his penis and rubbed it on the length of your spine. " apetube I loved everything. Under my panties and give him, I was very wet. And if you blindfolded me and I do not know what would happen, and then stood naked, legs apart, so havinShaving g ", and took a step back, and Tom saw her shaved pussy. " Do you like ? Jaci said. Tom knelt before her and looked at her bare pussy. She lay in bed, legs apart. ' in which Tom, apetube shaved, open, just look fucked by two men. " Tom fell on her, licking her pussy, licking his lips, smells, tonguing, to taste. \\ \\ N Then he could not stand it anymore and went to four feet above them. She looked at her body to his throbbing cock. " Oh, yes, Tom, put it on me, fuck my pussy naked " and he put his cock in her. " " I love you bitch, " he said as he moved in and apetube out of it. "I do not know if you think I was weird or something like that, I wanted to see fucked by another man," he said. " Oh Tom, I feel so submissive, so strong and free. I loved watching my fuck. I can not imagine how, but I was so careless, what I'm both. " Moved Tom and also became order. 'stick your ass in the air with his legs, " ordered his. "Show me your pussy". did as he said, like a good slut and pushed
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